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Introduction to the Stock Market

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On-line Stock Brokerage Services

The list of on-line stock brokerage services grew very rapidly with the advent of electronic stock trading facilitated by the internet. However, over the past several years many of the once high flying players fell victim to competition, mismanagement, and consolidation in the stock trading market. What follows is a listing of some of the more prominent stock brokerage services and day trading shops currently available. Prices for trading will vary considerably. It is best to do your homework. Overall, there has been considerable downward price pressure since Charles Schwabb first pioneered the concept of discount stock trading. However, more recently trading prices seem to have stabalized at a level substantially discounted to what the full service brokerage firms charged once upon a time. We believe that a modest downward trend will continue - presenting favorable trading and stock investment opportunities for small investors. It pays to shop around before selecting a stock brokerage firm. Some firms are even offering up front incentives and bonuses for new customers.

•   E*Trade.com - The firm that helped free the electronic genie from the bottle.

•   StockTrading.com - Bright Trading, Inc. offers local trading offices in selected cities for professional day traders.

•   DayTrading.net - Professional day trading firm.

•   Merrill Lynch - Among the largest of financial services firms - but among the latest in establishing an electronic presence.

•   Charles Schwab - The original discount pioneer.

•   AmeriTrade.com - Rapidly growing low priced electronic broker.

•   Investrade.com - Another deep discount electonic broker.

•   Fidelity.com - No list would be complete without the mutual fund giant - now also offering online trading with reasonable commission schedules.

•   Live Trade.com - Caters to professional day traders.

•   Scottrade.com - Nationwide deep discount electronic trading firm.

•   Wall Street Electronica - Bi-lingual (Spanish - English) trading option with reasonable commissions.

Free Info on our recommended Medical Transcription Program leading to an exciting home based medical transcription career

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