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More Tales from the Home Office...

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Overheard in the Home Office

Three year old's.

What can we say about three year old's?   They definitely keep life interesting.

Three year old's as a group are an impatient bunch. Our young three year old has developed some very creative tactics to get the attention she believes she deserves - particularly if mom ignores her for too long.

Tamsen:  Mom
Mom:  No response
Tamsen:  Mom ( a little louder)
Mom:  No response
Tamsen:  Mom! (impatiently)
Mom:  Still no response
Tamsen:  (sternly) Mom! Come hither and thither!
Mom:  Finally looks up and begins to laugh.

Colin (3 years old at the time) to Mom In progressively louder tones: 

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!, Maren!, HONEY!!"

Sometimes they can also be Brutally Honest...

Conversation between Mom and Tamsen (3 yrs old)

Tamsen:  Mom, what happened to your hair?
Mom:  I got it cut. Do you like it?
Tamsen:  No, it looks dumb.
Mom:  It does??
Tamsen:  Yes, go look in the mirror!

Or Capricious...

Conversation between Tamsen (age 3) and Ethan (age 5)

Ethan:  Tamsen, give me my jacket.
Tamsen:  No! I'm going to wear it.
Ethan:  It's not yours! Give it back.
Tamsen:  No. I had it first.
Ethan:  Tamsen! It's my jacket!
Tamsen:  Oh Fine! Here, (thrusts jacket to him) have your precious jacket!

Or Clever...

Tamsen's older brother had been taking Spanish in high school and was working with his Dad on some Spanish translations. When it was bedtime Mom asked Tamsen (who was engrossed in a book) to go get her toothbrush so that she could brush her teeth and get ready for bed. Without bothering to look up from her book, Tamsen replied simply: 

"No Comprendo"

Or Mischievous...

One day two of the younger kids walked into the office carrying uncapped marking pens and announced:  "Mom, someone colored all over the bathroom wall!"

One day Mom found that three year old Colin had colored all over his legs with ink pens. The following conversation ensued: 

Mom:  Colin, did you color all over your legs?!!
Colin:  No
Mom:  Then who did?
Colin:  The Write Monster!

Or Just Plain Entertaining...

Conversation between Mom and Tamsen (not quite three): 

Mom:  Tamsen , are you my special girl?
Tamsen:  No! Daddy's my special girl.

Conversation between Dad and Tamsen: 

Tamsen:  Guess What I did today Daddy?
Dad:  What?
Tamsen:  I went to Robert's birthday party!
Dad:  Great! Was it fun?
Tamsen:  Yes, Robert was pretty funny.
Dad:  Oh he was, was he?
Tamsen:  Yea, He was quite the little birthday guy!

Letter to Santa from Caitlin (age 7): 

Dear Santa,

I want a bike for Christmas. I will give up my old bike because it is too small for me. My brother got it for his birthday when he was seven and now he is nine. We have had it for two years. I want a cool bike. I want it to look jazzy and pretty.

My old bike is boring, dull, tiny, blue, yellow, black, ugly, a boy one, stupid, and I hate it!


Colin's List for Santa - (age 5): 

ckon-pyoutr-gems (computer games)


Tanner (age 6) - Holiday Letter to Mom and Dad: 

In the coming year: 

I will be nice
I will be a good friend
I will give lots of warm fuzzies

Love Tanner

You know you've overpriced your services when...

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Free Info on our recommended Medical Transcription Program leading to an exciting home based medical transcription career

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