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MTWorld: More Fun with Anagrams

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Here are some more great anagrams from MTWorld. If you are not familiar with anagrams, an anagram is produced by taking any single word or even a group of words or a phrase and shuffling the letters so that they form a new word or phrase. Ideally, the new output should be something clever that relates back to the original.

A true anagram must use ALL of the letters in the original word or phrase with no new letters added. Anagram creation can be challenging and fun! In order for it to qualify as a real anagram, the letters must match perfectly, although they will be ordered differently. Why not jump in and create your own creative anagrams? Start with the letters from your own name. Who knows what secrets the letters of your name may hold. Anagram creation is a great mental exercise with a real payoff! Enjoy!

Funeral --- Real Fun

Microsoft Windows --- Sown in Discomfort

Barbie Doll --- Liberal Bod

Waitress --- A Stew, Sir?

Tom Cruise --- So I'm Cuter

Debit Card --- Bad Credit

Jennifer Aniston --- Fine in Torn Jeans

IPod Lover --- Poor Devil

Achievements --- Nice, Save Them

Jay Leno --- Enjoy L.A.

Bob Marley --- Marble Boy

Shower Time --- Where Moist

Hot Water --- Worth Tea

The Titanic Disaster --- Death, it Starts in Ice

Confessional --- On Scale of Sin

David Letterman --- Nerd Amid Late TV

Statue of Liberty --- Built to Stay Free

Evangelist --- Evil's Agent

Beavis and Butthead --- Thus, Be a Bad Deviant

Lady Bug --- Bald Guy

Justin Timberlake --- I'm a Jerk, But Listen

A Telescope --- To See Place

Astronomer --- Moon Starer

Apple, Inc. --- Epic Plan

Pre-Calculus --- Call Up Curse

Laxative --- Exit Lava

A Gentleman --- Elegant Man

Dancing with the Stars --- Winners had Tight Acts

Frito Lay --- Oily Fart

Christmas --- Trims Cash

The Meaning of Life --- The Fine Game of Nil

A Shoplifter --- Has to Pilfer

Conversation --- Voices Rant On

And here is one of our favorites

Here's the Original:


William Shakespeare ---

And here's the Anagrammed Version:


I'll Make a Wise Phrase


Free Info on our recommended Medical Transcription Program leading to an exciting home based medical transcription career

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