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List of the Very Best Oxymorons

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Oxymorons are typically two words that are commonly used together as a single descriptor which contradict each other. On occasion we have even discovered entire phrases or groups of words that have fun oxymoronic qualities. An oxymoron could also be a single combination word where the two parts seem contradictory. Below is a list of some of the very best oxymorons, in our opinion. Enjoy these clever oxymorons and then go see if you can find more oxymorons that could be added to this list.


Rap Music
Military Intelligence
Smoker Friendly
Concrete Jungle
Government Efficiency
Airline Food
Clean Dirt
Short Sale
Happily Married
Marital Bliss
Plastic Silverware
Smart Man
Corporate Conscience
Act Naturally
Adult Male
All Alone
Among the First
Anxious Patient
Authentic Reproduction
Beyond Infinity
Boneless Ribs
Black Light
Assistant Supervisor
Cardinal Sin
Border Control
Business Ethics
All Natural Artificial Flavors
Budget Deficit
Civil War
Climb Down
Cold Sweat
Concrete Pad
Constant Change
Divorce Court
Common Abnormality
Congressional Responsibility
Conscripted Volunteer
Crash Landing
Dead Livestock
Critical Acclaim
Detailed Summary
Benign Neglect
Dodge Ram
Daily Special
Escaped Inmate
European Community
Extended Deadline
Express Bus
False Fact
Fatally Injured
Freezer Burn
Active Retirement
A Fine Mess
Head Butt
Dependably Unreliable
Random Order
Negative Growth
Slip Knot
Live Recording
Now, Then
Legally Drunk
Government Worker
Public School Education
Industrial Park
Mild PMS
Bipartisan Cooperation
Fresh Frozen
Initial Results
Holy War
.999 Pure
Inside Out
Honest Politician
Once Again
Never Again
First Annual
Lovers Quarrel
Necessary Evil
Instant Classic
This Page Intentionally Left Blank
Friendly Fire
Working Lunch
Perfect Idiot
Rolling Stop
Whole Piece
Real Magic
Personal Computer
Recent History
Orderly Chaos
Political Party
Management Support
Passive Aggressive
Middle Initial
Graphic Language
Practical Parenting
Married Life
Relative Stranger
No Comment
Awfully Fine
Elementary Calculus
Science Fiction
Student Teacher
Night Light
Seriously Funny
Postal Service
United Nations
Altogether Separate


Free Info on our recommended Medical Transcription Program leading to an exciting home based medical transcription career

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