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MTWorld: Fun with Anagrams

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Here are some of our favorite anagrams. For those of you who have not been exposed to the art of creating anagrams let us offer a brief explanation. Anagrams are made by taking one word or a set of words and mixing the letters to create a new word or phrase. The new word or phrase should describe or relate to the original word or phrase. If it does this elegantly then it is a first class anagram. It takes some thought, practice and creativity to pull it off. Not to mention a fair bit of trial and error.

Anagrams are fun to make and new anagrams can be invented from virtually any word or phrase with a little creativity. The key is to use ALL of the letters in the original word or phrase AND to not insert additional letters. If the letters in the anagrammed word or phrase are not identical to the letters in the original word or phrase then it is not a true anagram. Give it a try. Start with trying to create one or more anagrams using the letters in your own name - try your first name or your first and last name together. It can be a lot of fun. Then expand to other words or phrases that interest you. Use them for business, for pleasure, or just to exercise your mind. Creating anagrams from scratch is a great brain exercise and provides a lot of entertainment while stimulating your mind. Creating anagrams is also a fun and wholesome activity to do with friends and family. Kids love the challenge. Get the whole family involved in the anagram creation process! Here are some ideas to help get your mind wrapped around the process of creating anagrams. Good luck!

Dormitory --- Dirty Room

The Morse Code --- Here Come Dots

Slot Machines --- Cash Lost in ‘em

A Decimal Point --- I’m a Dot in Place

Eleven Plus Two --- Twelve Plus One

Contradiction --- Accord not in it

Mother-in-law --- Woman Hitler

Medical --- Decimal

Medical Coding --- Odd Clinic Game

Student Support --- Prod Upset Nutts

Counselor --- Cool Nurse

Desperation --- A Rope Ends it

The Eyes --- They See

The Hurricanes --- These Churn Air

George Bush --- He bugs Gore

Elvis --- Lives!

Angered --- Enraged

Listen --- Silent

Marilyn Manson --- Manly man? No Sir!

Snooze Alarms --- Alas! No More Z's

Semolina --- Is No Meal

Animosity --- Is No Amity

Alec Guinness --- Genuine Class

The Public Art Galleries --- Large Picture Halls, I Bet

Medical Transcription --- Impractical nits drone

O.K. Here is the grand daddy of all anagrams. Check out the following creative anagram relating to Neil Armstrong - the first man to step foot on the moon.Way cool!!

Here's the Original:


'That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.' Neil Armstrong ---

And here's the Anagrammed Version - Someone Got Creative!:


A thin man ran... makes a large stride... left planet... pins flag on moon... on to Mars!

Free Info on our recommended Medical Transcription Program leading to an exciting home based medical transcription career

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