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Energize Your Resume With Action Words

Below is a list of action words that can be used to strengthen your descriptions of duties, responsibilities, and achievements. Where possible you should begin each descriptive sentence with one of these action words. By expressing statements in this way you will project enthusiasm and your resume will command attention and convey a sense of power.

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Resume Building Action Words:

Achieved Decreased Identified Participated Scheduled
Acquired Defined Implemented Performed Selected
Administered Delegated Improved Persuaded Served
Advised Demonstrated Incorporated Planned Set
Allocated Designed Increased Prepared Simplified
Analyzed Dictated Influenced Presented Sold
Applied Directed Initiated Prioritized Solicited
Appointed Dispersed Inspected Processed Solved
Appraised Displayed Installed Procured Staffed
Assembled E Instituted Produced Started
Assessed Edited Instructed Programmed Structured
Assigned Effected Integrated Projected Studied
Assisted Enabled Introduced Promoted Submitted
Attended Ensured Investigated Proofread Succeeded
B Established L Proposed Suggested
Balanced Estimated Learned Provided Supervised
Budgeted Evaluated Led Published Supported
Built Examined M-N Qualified Surpassed
C Exceeded Maintained Quantified T
Calculated Executed Managed R Tabulated
Changed Exercised Marketed Raised Taught
Clarified Exhibited Mobilized Reasoned Terminated
Collected Expanded Moderated Received Trained
Communicated Expedited Modified Recognized Transcribed
Compiled F Monitored Recommended Transferred
Completed Facilitated Motivated Reconciled Typed
Composed Fixed Negotiated Redesigned U-Z
Computed Focused O Reduced Updated
Conducted Formulated Observed Refined Utilized
Consolidated Founded Obtained Repaired Verified
Contributed G-H Operated Replaced Wrote
Coordinated Generated Ordered Reported  
Crafted Guided Organized Represented  
Created Helped Originated Researched  
  Hired Oversaw Restored  

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